Mansi Shah

Collectible Design
        Mouth Chair, 2018
        Place, Space, 2023
        Tiled Low Side Tables, 2023
        Tiled Chair, 2023
        Tiled Coffee Table, 2023

       Home, House, 2023
       Playgrounds (forthcoming)
       Machines (forthcoming)

Select Exhibitions
        Three Little Pigs (forthcoming)
        Compound YV (2023)
        Superhouse (2021)
        Marta (2020)
        Hem (2019)

Info —
Mansi Shah is a South Asian artist & designer representing the alchemy of image-making through color, form & material explorations.

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Mouth Side Table, 2018

Mouth Side Table (2018)
Wood, Enamel Paint
24 W × 30 D × 28 H in.

Mouth Side Table, 2018

Mouth Side Table is an absurdist piece of furniture made out of wood and finished with a bold enamel color. This work challenges conventional design norms, featuring an expressive mouth cheekily sticking out its tongue. Suited for public or residential environments, it blurs the lines between functional design and art, offering a playful surface for display or utility. The use of vibrant color and the tongue-in-cheek design evoke a sense of humor, embodying my interest in creating work at the intersection of art and design.

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Concept Sketches
The idea of Mouth Side Table came from a sketchbook doodle session in 2018, and was developed further by multiple iterations of 3D renderings throughout the years, at one point playing with the idea of using transparent colored acrylic as a material, for its innate ability to interact with natural light to cast colored shadows. And finally, taking its current form in wood in 2023.