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Mansi Shah is a LA based artist representing play through color, form and material explorations.

Born 1983, Ahmedabad, India
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

2002-2004, California College of the Arts, Design/Film
2004-2008, California Institute of Arts, BFA Graphic Design

Work Experience
2019-Present, Ceramic Assistant, Peter Shire

Group Shows
March 2019, Object Permanence, Curated by Leah Hunt & Emma Holland Denvir at the Hem showroom.
Alex Reed, Another Human, Bianco Light & Space, Jackie Rines, Januari, Laun, Matt Hunt, Mansi Shah, Norma, Objects for Objects, wrk-shp 

February 2018, Ceramic Sundays, Curated by Aimee Goguen at There-There.
Morgan Peck, Lilian Martinez, Keith Ballard, Courtney Cone, David Aguirre, Camille Tupper, Magnus Flowers, B.F. Hall, Noon Tran, Laura Stinger, Mansi Shah, Grace Surnow, Brooks Adaloiryn, Seth Bogart, Aimee Goguen, Jason Roberts Dobrin

January 2018, Ceramic Sundays, Curated by Aimee Goguen at There-There.
Alake Shilling, Seth Bogart, Noon Tran, Abigail Dangler, Mansi Shah, Alice Lang, Brooks Adaloiryn, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Aimee Goguen, Laura Stinger